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About Us

As a tannery-based leather and leather goods manufacturer, since our establishment in 1980, we have steadily emerged as pioneers in the manufacturing and export of Leather Bags, Leather Wallets, Industrial Leather Safety Gloves, Leather Accessories, Leather Belts, and Apparel, hailing from the vibrant city of Kolkata, India. With a legacy spanning three generations in the industry, Mosay International is guided by a blend of experience and youth, driven by a professional management team. This dynamic and ambitious organization is fervently committed to making a lasting mark on the global market. Our aspiration is to become synonymous with unparalleled quality and unwavering commitment in the minds of customers around the world. Every step we take is fueled by this vision, as we persistently strive to provide superior quality and unmatched services for enduring customer contentment.

At the heart of our manufacturing lies leather, our prime raw material, and we're proud to share that we operate our own LWG Gold Rated tannery. Our tannery seamlessly fuses traditional leather craftsmanship with modern machinery, adhering to strict monitoring across all four stages: Raw skins, Blue, crust, and finished leather. This meticulous approach results in high-quality leathers offered at an attractive price range. We are immensely proud to hold the distinction of being a GOLD-rated LWG tannery.

The bedrock of our organization's continuous growth is its visionary founder, Shakil Ahmed. His unwavering optimism, deep understanding of raw hides, courage to innovate, and integration of modern technology are the driving forces behind our journey. As the second generation, represented by Mohammed Mobashir and Mohammed Firaz, steps into the business, our focus sharpens on modernization, compliance, sustainability, and achieving zero emissions.

Currently, we operate from two production facilities—one in the heart of the city and the other adjacent to the leather complex, 20 miles from the city center. Our monthly production capacity speaks volumes:

Leather Hand Bags: 28,000 pcs
Leather SLG/Wallets: 100,000 pcs
Leather Belts: 50,000 pcs
Leather Industrial Gloves: 2 containers

To cater to our global clientele, we boast a young, vibrant, and energetic merchandising team, ready to deliver top-notch quality services.


MOSAY International Pvt Ltd, a dynamic initiative, stands as a futuristic company with a clear emphasis on delivering cutting-edge industrial leather safety products. Our unwavering commitment lies in aligning with the highest global standards, cultivating trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders, and establishing ourselves as a prominent and responsible entity in the industry. Our proven track record of serving renowned UK high street and Italian brands, alongside discounters and private labels, underscores our reputation for uncompromising quality and competitive pricing.


MOSAY INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD aspires to be a human-centric enterprise, fostering holistic development in its employees and collaborators. We are committed to consistently enhancing the value, quality, and safety of our diverse product range. Our unwavering dedication to ethical business practices not only ensures sustainability but also addresses environmental concerns for the well-being of future generations.